21 Mar 2011

Kawasaki KZ400 shakedown

yesterday was a nice sunny Sunday
well for me at least..
early in the morning I left with Michal Dudzinski on his kz400 four inline from Amsterdam to Utrecht to meet Jerd on his SV650, Miob on his cb750 and Zoran on his KZ400 twin for the kawaski KZ400 twin shakedown. Miob finished some parts for Zoran and that seemed the perfect reason for a trip along the Vecht. it all started very nice. Miob knew a nice old windmill to take some nice shots but when we stopped I noticed Zorans rear tire was a little flat. it turned out a nail was sticking in his rear tire.... We "fixed" the tire and decide to skip the scenic route and go back to Amsterdam a.s.a.p.
halfway, the front brake of the kz400 started to make some very strange noises, the front light almost fell off and when we came of the highway we noticed the kawa engine was smoking...
but we made it and had a great time, ha!
after we drank some hot thee at Zorans place, Jerd went back to Rotterdam and Miob allready left us earlier on. Zorans bike needed some rest so Michal and I decided to go to Halfweg on our own to make some action shots. something we wanted to do with the group but we'll do that next time if we have more luck.

the very nice pictures in the post are from Michal Dudzinski a.k.a. Fotoduda. see more of his work on his website

read more about this trip on Miob's BMWCafe Blog


Infographicmedia said...

Wow! Gaave platen dude! Moet volgende keer ook mee : )

Zoran Holtkamp said...


Bubble Visor said...

yes kay,
volgende keer moet je zeker mee!

epic was het zeker, ha!

MIOB said...

Wauw, ik heb m'n eigen tag :p

Hoe meer zielen, hoe meer vreugd :) Ik ben er sowieso voor om nog een keer een fotomeet te houden!

Ruud said...

Als die van mij klaar is wil ik ook wel een keer aansluite :D

Bubble Visor said...

ja tuulk!
maar die van jouw wordt denk ik net iets te vet dus moet jij een paar honderd meter achter ons aanrijden :)

Adriaan said...