4 Oct 2017

Grizzly Cup - Vintage Dirt Ride

Every year we see new cool events popping up on the interwebs and a really cool one this weekend is Grizzly Cub in Japan.

You can enter in three classes:
Rigid class  - Four strokes before 1969 
Swing arm class - Four strokes before 1977 
Minimoto class - Two or four stroke 125 cc or less

Entrance fee is ¥ 1000 
I'm not sure if google translate made a mistake but I think the info says women who are under 20 years old free of charge, haha, that's funny.

Address 〒 299 - 1067 Minato Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture 1260

More info on instagram.com/grizzlycup2017/

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