4 Sept 2017

Bikes and Boards 2017 #1

Yesterday was the 2nd edition of Bikes and Boards at Zandvoort. Zandvoort is a small beach town, 30 km west of Amsterdam, with a great race history. And this year Bikes and Boards added a beach drag race to the event for the first time! 

The only problem was the drag strip was located to far way from the sea, so the sand was super soft and most people struggled to get some speed. But still everybody seemed to enjoy them selves. Very well organized, perfect weather, great location, smiling people everywhere, thanks dudes for throwing this sweet event! 

The beach race is inspired by events like Chirihama Sand Flats Speedway in Japan and Race of Gentlemans in the USA. 

My GR650 is still in pieces so again I had to skip a race this year, fingers crossed I will be ready to race next years beach race! Manon was on a short holiday with my camera but Dennis Benson was kind enough to borrow his Canon 7d for the day, thanks mate! Loved shooting with the beast. Here is part one. More will follow!

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