15 Feb 2016

Thrive : Encounter

Thrive Motorcycles made a brilliant short movie.

"A little learning is a dangerous thing. (Alexander Pope)

We believe there’s no ship built to be safe, and we're pretty sure we weren’t looking for any adventures, but risks. The film is about the noises that we've always kept in our heads, and about chasing the striking lights to burn our sinful eyes. It’s about bringing in the anxiety that shakes our hands everyday, and finding meaning between purpose and absurdity.

It’s been three years since we put our helmets on and steered in the direction that we chose and built new meaning for our lives by creating and loving. Jakarta, the megalopolis city, has been the place that has always sparked our imagination with it’s chaos and dynamic behavior of millions of faces, spirits, and cultures. It seductiveness encourages us to silently grow our own mortality to overcome our fears and pain.

Our motorcycle creature is a puzzle from dozens of personal curiosity, childhood bad dreams, and beautiful mistakes; crafted with respect to the connection between human and their beast. Since we realized the state of feeling safeis only temporary and the present moment is all we ever have, we'll just let ourselves drown into something we love and chase something that matters enough to our experience.

Encounter (c) 2016
Thrive Motorcycles

A Join(T)Effort Project with
Agung Pambudi

Directed and Filmed by Agung Pambudi
Music by The Gaslamp Killer - Keep It Simple Stupid

Big thanks to
Forstand Project
The Gaslamp Killer
BrainFeeder Records"

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