9 Sept 2015

Invitation - 'Grand' opening Rusty Gold Motorshop - This Sunday

Time for an Update about the Rusty Gold Motorshop!
Like I said before, my good friend, and Rusty Gold Swap Meet partner in crime, Zoran Holtkamp is starting a new adventure under the Rusty Gold flag. He's going to open the Rusty Gold motorshop in Amsterdam, and this weekend is the grand opening so I would like to invite you to jump on your bike and join us at the opening party. This Sunday. open from 12:00–18:00

What is the Rusty Gold motorshop?

Carefully selected motorcycle lifestyle related clothing and accessories, from all over the world. Hard to find brands, magazines, books and art. And even a selection of cool vintage parts, in a vintage automotive inspired interior. Some of the confirmed brands are Iron and Resin, Eat Dust, Biltwell, El Solitario, Edwin, Vans, Roland Sands and loads more. Besides being a store, the Rusty Gold MotorShop will also serve a social aspect. Meeting up with your buddies before a ride-out, taking a pit-stop during, or just hang out and have a chat whilst enjoying a great Rusty Gold Coffee. No 'soy decaf lattes with hazelnut syrup shots'. And sorry, but no glüten-free cheesecake with organic raspberries either. What you will get is a great tasting and strong cup of Coffee. High quality but without any modern day mishmash and for an old fashioned price.

There is no such thing in Amsterdam or the Netherlands so he's right on time! 

Support the underground, show you care, and don't forget to tell this to you're friends! :)

I'm working on new painted signs that will be exhibited in the Rusty Gold motorshop. 
Here's a sneak peak of what I've made so far.

You can follow the Rusty Gold motorshop on facebook and instagram
The Rusty Gold MotorShop logo is designed by the talented Menze Kwint.


Unknown said...

Congratulations from La Urbana Bike! The place is looking awesome. I hope to visit soon, good luck!

Unknown said...

Beste Lennard,

Ik ga zeker een kijkje nemen op m'n Z650, misschien handig om hier ook even het adres te vermelden ;)
Daarnaast, zou je Zoran kunnen vragen of er een tv neergezet kan worden? MotoGP Misano zondag :) Toch nice als dat ook gezien kan worden, bikers onder elkaar toch?

Greetz en keep up the good stuff!

Bubble Visor said...

Hi Maarten,

Cool! Het adres is Overtoom 487. Ik ga het voor je vragen! :)