12 Jun 2015

Testing the Saint Kevar Drill and Striped Knit

Testing, testing, one, two..!
The guys from Saint send me their Saint Kevlar Motorcycle Drill and the Saint Eastside Striped Knit.
The Saint Kevlar Motorcycle Drill is made from 100% Black Kevlar.
The pants is super light, and has a super nice fit. Not to to wide and not to skinny. Tapered like I like it with nice details.

Sometimes you trying on a new pants and for some reason it just fit's perfectly when you try it for the first time, just the way you want it to fit. I had that when I first tried these on. I ordered it in my regular size. 32w/34. It was perfectly hanging on my skinny ass, no belt needed, I reckoned in a few days it would wear in perfectly.

I never realized it before but normal jeans stretches quite a bit during the day when you wear it. When your sitting or when you're bending your knees the fabric stretches a little bit. I started to realize this after some hours wearing the Saint Kevlar Drill at work, because this Kevlar Drill is barely stretching and that's a strange feeling when you're sitting all day behind your desk. Now after four days of wearing them I have the feeling that it's stretching up just a little bit, giving me just enough room to sit comfortable enough all day. But it's still so tight, especially around he waist, that I have to take out my phone from my front pocket when I sit behind my desk.

When I'm riding this size is perfectly for me but if you're planning to use it as a daily driver pants to to you work behind a desk I would advise you to buy it one size up your regular size so you have some extra room and just a little bit more more comfort.

When you're wearing the the Saint Kevlar Drill nothing reveals the fact that you're wearing a high-tech protective gear. If you look up closely to the fabric you'll see that it is just a little bit more shiny than regular cotton or denim but it's still looking very nice. The pants has some cool details like the Saint wing on the buttons, the zipped right back pocket with what looks like a waterproof zipper, hidden coin pocket on the inside and the extra large belt loops.

The riding experience is really something else. It is unbelievable how thin and light this thing is and at the same it is giving you so much more protection and it feel much stronger than a regular pants. It feels like you wearing a very thin jeans. I thought for some reason a Kevlar pants would be a non breathing fabric that would block the wind and would be warm as hell, but it's the opposite! Perfect for this season and high summer. It feels so thin that I think it might not be warm enough to wear this pants without an extra warmth layer in winter or early spring or late autumn but that's something I'll have to find out later this year :)

The Saint Eastside Striped Knit is knitted from 100% Fine Spun Australian Merino. Great quality and fit, feels great. Never tried merino wool before. Great product, non itching and it looks great.

Some cool pics from the Saint Intsagram and Tumbler.
And don't forget to check out their website!
Thanks guys! 

Matt from Saint updated me about the sizing:
"You’re right though they don’t have any stretch in them but they will ‘relax’ the more you wear them. Mike has had a pair for quite some time and has been wearing them in all sorts of conditions, I can say that they only get better with time!! They almost mould to your body and retain the creases where you bend.."

Thanks Matt, that's good to know! 

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