27 Jan 2015

Barn Fresh X Bell Bullitt - The making-of # 1

This all started with a post about a new helmet design from Chad Hodge here on Bubble Visor in September 2010. Chad send me his prototype design in September 2010. I had the luck that he chose Bubble Visor to show the first pictures of his very cool helmet design, thanks Chad!! :)

In the post Chad asked for help to get his stunning prototype helmet in production.
He received tons of emails of people that wanted to help him and after a few months Bell asked to work with him to get the helmet into production.
Fast forward a few years later and Chad and Bell ask me to design a limited edition of the Bell Bullitt...!!! Dope!

You can imagine that I was happy as a child :)
So that's how thing got started.

In the following weeks I will show the making of the Barn Fresh x Bell helmet here on Bubble Visor.

Bell send me a sample version of the helmet and a template at the time. I started with a digital sketch and when the design got approved I painted the actual design on the sample helmet. But before I started with the helmet I could not resist to ride around in Amsterdam with the not ready for production sample. The finish of the sample was already on a very high level and the large eye port did give me almost the same feeling as riding with a open face helmet. I loved it from the start.

In the garden of my studio I took the helmet apart and painted the base colour with a rattle can.


jerqs said...

awesome. Can't wait for The making-of #2.

ElFrenchTonio said...

Too bad that Bell have killed your bloody amazing paint job by putting the brown leather in the final version.