13 Oct 2014

Michael Hammer - BMW R100R 1992

Bubble Mail:
'Hello Lennard,  

I hope you remember me, I am Michael Hammer from Germany and I will show you my latest motorcycle.  

It's a BMW R100R from 1992. I got the motorcycle from a very good friend with 28000km and I started this custom some months ago. The motorcycle was in a very good condition so I didn't have to do something with the engine. I knew it had to be a cafe racer. The tank, seat and the fenders I made out of aluminum in many hours of work. In combination with the two colour paintjob I think it gives the bike a nice line and shape. I added clip-on's and racing rearsets.  To complete the cafe racer conversion the seat was covered with genuine leather.   


Thanks Michael! Very nice clean build, love the 2 into 1 exhaust! 
Cheers,  Lenny  

Don't forget to check the Hammer-kraftrad site 


Jack Burrows said...

All I can say is, wow. I'm pretty young and still just getting my feet wet with custom builds. I have done a lot of research to see where the world of customs has been and where they are going and even though I'm still a newbie there does come a point where you start to believe you've seen everything. I check BV religiously and scroll through the daily offerings, I always like what I see but this morning when I saw this BMW I was wowed. It got me thinking, there will always be new surprises just around the corner. This bike is so well crafted. It reminds me why I first got into the game in the first place. Here's to reminding people what one guy can do to a machine and make it a work of art.


Bubble Visor said...

Great comment Jack!

Hammer said...

Thank you very much Jack!!!!!
Regards Michael

Winrich said...

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