28 Jul 2014

Barn Fresh Helmet Aad - Nolan X-lite X-551 - fase 1

Today I started painting this Nolan X-lite fo Aad.
First I made a sketch in photosoup. With special pinstripe tape I made these lines and shapes and I painted the first white layer with One Shot paint. The plan is to make a black and white helmet with some colour accents. No spray paint this time, just One Shot paint. It's still a little rough right now but I like it already :)

Still to do:
Cleaning up the white parts, then adding some colour bits, and in the end some subtle lettering stuff.
When that's done it needs a nice clear coat.


Adriaan said...

Very very nice, mister Schuurmans.. I am stunned..
Can't wait to see the end result.

Zoran Holtkamp said...

Do mine next please!

Bubble Visor said...

Ja cool!!