29 Jan 2014

Rusty Gold Swap Meet 2013

Whoop Whoop! So here it is boys and girls, the official announcement for the 2014 Rusty Gold Swap Meet! Finished the poster last night and I like it very much, ha! Please share this message and spread the love. Write it down, tell your friends, book your tickets, its going to be grande! Stay Rusty.

When? On the 4th of May 2014
Where? at the Cruise-Inn, Zuiderzeeweg 29, 1095 KZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
What? The place to meet nice people with dope kustom bikes, to share your passion for kustom kulture, to sell or swap your vintage parts and to show the crowd your latest build. Zoran and I can't wait to see you there!

The Rusty Gold facebook.

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Zoran Holtkamp said...

Thanks Lenny, you rock!