26 Jan 2014

Karl Auer - Pictures from austria

Karl Auer send me some very nice black and white pictures

1. Karl Zach
He was a famous Austrian racer.
The picture was made in 1932 at a mountain-race.
Short before the race he changed the piston to have a higher compression at his AJS 500.

2. Franz Kargl and Rudi Wiesner, at an ice-race  in the sixties in Vöcklabruck.

3.     13.04.1937 / Hill-climbing near  Waldene Hill,  Kent

4.     Franz Kofler / 28.05.1931 A great racer from Seewalchen/Atterlake in Austria. His methanol Rudge 350 ccm was absolutly top as well as his girls.

5.     Husqvarna 400 m/ Guenther Huemer and his brand new Husqvarna 400 at the skijoering in Voecklabruck 6.01.1970

6.     Tom Cox / Hillclimbing 193? in San Diega Californien Tom Cox on a Harley Davidson

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