20 Dec 2013

Owen's M20 BSA

Bubble mail:

"Just writing to say that I love the blog and pretty much view it every day on my coffee break.
Thought I’d show you my BSA that I have been building over the last year. It’s a M20 rigid girder frame with a M21 engine and telescopic fork. The rear wheel is a triumph conical and front is a random 21” trials deal.

Keep up the good work"

Thanks Owen,
Beautiful BSA you've got! Nice headlight gas tank combo


MKSIM. said...

sick bike, congrats

Unknown said...

Cool bike.can i know the information about handle and lever..

Unknown said...

hi, cheers on the comments.
The bars are cut down drag bars (couple of inches from the clamp area and likewise on the bar ends) and the levers are alloy ball ends with the balls lopped off as they were too long. The throttle is internal which keeps everything nice and compact.