19 Dec 2013

Captain Simon's RS streamliner on the road

Bubble mail:

"I built a Strange BMW like Sebs"

Simon send some more information about his nice ride

"I meant to take some decent pictures with my good old Lumix but the damn battery died, bad planning, the old I phone did OK just a bit grainy, hope they're OK
The bike is fun, it was a cheap old RT 1977 I got from a friends shed hadn't run for 10 years or more, I took all the RT stuff off and found it was an early RS underneath, a great historic machine in its way fun, anyway fitted an old yamaha SRX400 seat, aerosol painted the tank, got the dustbin from a friend of Ben Parts,  Jake Bowie in London, had to do a pile of work to get it fitting right, re fibre glass the cylinder cutaways, reinforce lots of areas, make mountings etc, paint it, make sidepanels, I had the panniers Enduro Saddlebags for an old R60 sidecar outfit and took some time to make them fit, the exhausts are old Contis from an old Ducati fitted well, rides good, really steady not too nimble but steady, OK in winds, quite a fruity rumbler really, I had a  problem early test rides, heavy braking front end dive, mudguard jammed inside fairing console kind of jammed the steering, caused minor concern rectified with a hacksaw and 4 inches off the mudguard...

The road is on the A5 in Snowdonia, Ogwen Valley near Bethesda, it is the old road from London to Holyhead where I live, and finally Dublin via ferry, the first national continuous government funded trunk road built in Britain in around 1840 conect the two capitol cities and all that stuff.....
all good stuff, love the site, the joyous displays keep on coming, fantastic many thanks again

Thanks Simon, great beemer in a stunning landscape!

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jsfury said...

Reminds me of the NSU style fairing from years ago.