6 Sept 2013

Radical Ducati - Endurance 2013

You've probably all seen this brilliant Radical Ducati endurance racer on Bikeexif but I had to show it. I love this bike very much. Don't think I have to explain why.


-Donor Bike : Monster 900’97
-Modified frame
-Modified upper yoke
-749 S Showa  fork
-RAD carbón fiber front mudguard
-Discacciati calipers
-Discacciti rotors
-S4RS Front Wheel
-Discacciati Clutch and brake radial pumps
-Frentubo  brake lines
-RAD front bracket
-Aviacompositi Evo dashboard
-Pantahstica front fairing
-RAD Hi/low beam Endurance type  front lights
-Monster 900 swingram
-Original rear suspension rocker polished
-Extreme tech 2 rear schock
-999 rear wheel
-Superlight floating rear barke caliper system
-Tsubaki  gold chain
-Monster 900 engine : Ported heads, light flywheel, blueprinted
-EVR CTS  antihooping clutch.
-EVR slave piston
-KEIHIN FCR 41 flat carburators + KN airpods
-Pederccini 2.4  ignition Device
-Baylistic LIPO battery
-NGK race spark plug cable
-2 in 1 SUPERMARIO exhaust system + RAD megaphone by SPARK
-SP cnc machined   footrest
-MANX fiber glass fuel tank
-RAD02 Montjuich TT glass fiber modified  solo seat
-RAD  led  rear light.
-Artenruta painting
Pictures: Del Perro

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