3 Jun 2013

Kustom Kulture Forever 2013 - Parking bikes

Kustom Kulture Forever was great!
I rode to Herten with Dennis.
He was riding his hardtail XS650 build by The Chop and I was riding his Africa Twin. My firts ride on a big enduro. Never thought I would like that so much. Thanks Dennis, great trip!

Some of the coolest rides where on the parking lot.
Check Amadeusss blog for info about the very nice Triumph bobber
Does anyone know who build the Royal Enfield or the brilliant Beemer?


Unknown said...

Dear Lennard,
The Beemer is build by me, but i'm not annymore the owner.
Some friends and me have a small garage located in Berlin, there we build nice bikes, no commercal, just for fun.
My newest proect is a Nimbus Bobber/Chopper, if you like i can send some pictures.

I like your blog very much, go on and give us some inspiration !!

Best regards, Thomas

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Thomas, very nice bike!
was very impressed. Yes, please send me the pics of the Nimbus!