23 Apr 2013

Second winner of the book Aantrappen en Vlieghappen

The second winner is..
Simon Weston from Australia.
"Hello there

please find attached 3 photos taken by my then girlfriend Andrea ( now wife ) in 1992. My friend Dale is having fun posing on my 1961 Honda CB92. The WLA Harley I've owned for over 25 years and is still in the shed. The young lad between the New Imperial and Rudge sickles is me. Still own both of  these bikes.. Andrea took and developed all these pics.  
More pics of some locals doing there stuff. The guy flying through the air on his Honda C92 is farmer Robert Rymill. His father brought the bike new as a "farm bike" I think he landed safely !! The old Harley pic is off a local rabbit trapper who used his J-model outfit to haul rabbits to market. This bike still exist's although is not together or complete."

Great stuff Simon!
The book Aantrappen en vlieghappen is coming your way!

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