30 Mar 2013

Daikoube - Off Line Buy And Trade

This week I received a nice email from a Bubble reader and one of the things he wrote was that I  post to much Japanese Harley stuff. What do you think?

Some crazy cool Japanese Harley stuff from one of my favoriet Japanese blog Daikoube. :)


JP said...

blogger acting silly so not positive my first comment went through. If so delete this.
I am not the biggest H-D fan, but it's not my blog, so I just give the H-D posts a quick scan.
Post what you like and I'll read what I want to.

Adriaan said...

Just keep it coming, your taste makes this blog what it is: Not the same as a lot of the other temples of exhaust tape and Steve McQueen worship..

Ratchet_72 said...

If the Japanese guys/gals were putting out hack shit then the criticism may be warranted, but they're not so it's a moot point.