8 Jan 2013

Chabott Engineering

Shinya Kimura is a vintage tool collector and he was one of the inspirations for the new Barn Fresh Vintage Tools T-shirt so I send him one.
So cool he's wearing it in his workshop working on his latest projects!
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At the moment one of the projects Shinya is working now is his first BMW custom and if I'm not mistaken it's coming to Amsterdam!
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Ruud said...

Vet man!

HARRY said...

Hey Lennard,

What did you mean by : he's coming to A'dam?

Bubble Visor said...

I heard shinya is building a beemer for a dutch client. Let's hope it's not just a rumour :)

Zoran Holtkamp said...

It's not a rumour, that Beemer ís coming to Amsterdam. If Shinya will accompany it, i don't know.

Unknown said...


HARRY said...

Ha, did you order it Zoran?