20 Nov 2012

Cosmo Lutz - part 3

Wanted to show some more from Cosmo Lutz crazy cool collection.
Check his flickr for much more


jsfury said...

Cosmo's collection of custom car culture mags is cool and cosmic baby. Thanks for sharing. I love the rear engine street legal single seat drag racer. Impractical, but cool as hell, which is an oxymoron I know, but there it is. And the simply beautiful blond posing with it, well there is anything better. I often wonder what happened to so many of these rods and customs and the beauties that adorned them. Most likely the women married some rich bugger and had lots of kids. the cars, who knows? Oh, and the other gal that got my blood racing was the lovely brunet just below on the stage coach (yes it was a real stage coach the customizer used) custom. Wish I could turn back the clock forty or so years, but I guess there's a few of us that wish we could, Huh?

Unknown said...

Thanks jsfury!
There are so many time periods that I would like to see, I need a time machine. :)
But in a sense looking back with photo's already gives us the opportunity to do that.
Imagine we could no capture those moments in time.
All we would have was memories and stories of things that happened but now we still have the opportunity to see how it was back in time.