7 Nov 2012

Brooklyn Invitational -

Some weeks ago I got this nice email: 

Hey bud. I'm a big fan of Bubble Visor. I really like how you have an appreciation for different makes from different eras. I learned to ride on an Indian Scout, my daily driver is a CB630T, and I'm putting together a Panhead. I'm not sure if you were able to make it, but my buddy just posted a bunch of pics from the Brooklyn Invitational. It would be awesome if you could give his site a shout out- squaregos.com

Thanks for your time and thanks again for putting together a real nice site. Have a great day.
Thanks Sean!
Great pictures. 
It's not a secret, my favorite online radio show is Chances with Wolves on East Village Radio and always when I listen to it I miss New York.
It's the only part of the USA that I've seen so far. I had the luck to be invited 3 times in a row for exhibitions in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The first time I was amazed how familiar the city feels. It's like one big movie on repeat. Every street looked like I had seen it before. Me and my girlfriend where seriously thinking about moving to New York after a few days there, just walking around. It's strange to see all those Dutch street names, and shops. My brain was melting in Manhattan but Brooklyn feels like home.
It might take a while but I'll be back. :)
Good luck New Yorkers.

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