15 Oct 2012


I'm Back!
The last two weeks I had to paint 12 pantings for Amsterdam Central Station. Impossible time frame but with a lot of help I finished just in time
Did not have the time to update Bubble Visor but now I have :)

Lets start with some Bubble mail:

Hi There,

My Buddy just finished building a custom bike, we would love it if you can post it on your blog!



Owner: Dan Kocka

Bike name: 1944

Engine, year and make, model, modifications: '96 Sportster XLH motor with a Buell Stage 2 upgrade, cut cam cover, and Brass Pushrod tubes

Frame: Kraft Tech

Fork: DNA Springer

Chassis mods: No chassis mods except welded on tabs and mounts for tins, seat, lights, brakes, etc..
Tire/wheel size and style: Both rims are painted 3x16's with MT90-16 Shinko vintage tires

Favorite thing about this bike: about half of what's on this bike was not meant to be on a sportster or even on a motorcycle for that matter. Everything after the roller was ordered individually and the only thing i sent back was the brake light switch which the shop that supplied it accidentally sent the wrong thread. even the oil tank came with a bad weld which i patched rather than sent back.

Next modification will be: Front brakes
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: 
Hella truck head light
vintage ford tail light
brass pushrod tubes
moto clutch lever
brembo brake system
stock handlebars with moto crossbar mod
cut cam cover  
chopped stock sportster fender 
naturally rusted tins 

Thanks to:
Gene Morrow for the tools and space
Matt Gacon for the motor work
Juan Hernandez for the photos
Spoon for the love
Dad, for teaching me what's really cool
Thanks Juan and Dan, nice ride!

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Sopassé said...

let's see the paintings you did!