16 Aug 2011

project BMW R80 Jelly Flash

My best friend Jelly Flash sold his Suzuki TL1000 and bought a 1986 R80
I guess he's bitten by the classic bike bug, ha
He came to my studio to show the bike.

We decided to follow the Amstel river to ride to Gouda. Great 1 and a half hour ride!
We switched bikes along the way and this was the first time for me riding a Beemer with a boxer engine. Great machine. Like riding a very agile floating carpet.
It feels much lighter than you would expect from a 230+ kg bike.

He's got some wild plans with this Beemer. Updates will follow soon.
I rode the same route back via Meije. One of the most beautiful roads I know in the Netherlands

In Meije I ate some tasty Saté with frech fries at de Halve Maan. Not bad, not bad at all..!

some minutes later Kay called me..


Menze said...

Great bike, will you keep us posted on his progress? I've got a R100 myself and I'm very curious what he's gonna do with this R80. Cheers

Bubble Visor said...

will do that for sure Menze!