12 Jul 2011

flake kings Weslake powered vintage Speedway-bike

"Our Weslake powered vintage Speedway-bike is nearly finished. Frame, forks and rims got powdercoated, and all green parts were mega-flaked. Lots of special parts on this one that need to be pointed out; Teflon Speedway spoolhub, 23 inch front slick-tire (try get your hands on one of those !) and all aluminium was polished in house. Miller Kustom Upholstery covered the seat in matching flake vinyl. Now all we need is some methanol and fire this thing up goddammit !

Our good friend Limpe Iven took these amazing shots last week, you can check this bike out at the Choppertown Nation meeting together with our other project bikes, now if you excuse us we'll get back to work !"

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