10 May 2011


this sweet thing just parked in front of my studio.
very nice paint job.
you can't really see it in these crappy smart phone pics but it has nice metal flakes in the dark green parts.
had a nice talk with the owner. he told me that he painted the bike like this 17 years ago. the engine is bored up to 1100 cc. he said he was thinking about a more classic paint job. 

this bike reminds me of my firts bike. a kawaski gpz1100
will post some pics of that bike later on.


motoguru. said...

pretty nice! i like the security system.

Skylar said...

Good colors, but agreed not really classic. He should go the Eddie Lawson route. You my friend, should also get another old Kawasaki 1000.

Mark said...

Thanks for liking my bike, and putting it on your blog. I realy like your old first bike too. I made a link off your blog too my facebook. Had a nice talk. Greetings Mark

Bubble Visor said...

that's one of many things on my wish list :)

@ mark
wil binnenkort een bubble visor meeting organiseren. zou leuk zijn als je je kwaka wilt komen showen