14 May 2011

Hello Distinguished Champions

tonight is the opening of my group exhibition

"Hello Distinguished Champions"
an exhibition of contemporary art by awesome people who live in Amsterdam.

collect art for crying out loud!

opening tonight 18:00 till 22:00
Andenken Gallery
Bilderdijkkade 60
I made two new paintings for this exhibit.
hope to see you there


1 comment:

joe said...

good on you my friend, i've enjoyed your blog for somme time, ever since I jumped back into the bike world(motorized that is, I have alway being into the selfpropelled bike)I bought my GR650, then another and another,then then bubble visor turns up on the Gr650 search ,best thing , great blog and great pics, I too am an artist,that's what draws me in back to the bikes,the idea that one can deconstruct and construct and at the same time and then present it as a creation and original idea!Congrats on your opening,art world looks healthy in Amsterdam!GREAT!ART MATTERS!