6 May 2011


3 weeks ago me and Beton went to a classic moped and motorcycle market in Hamont, Belgium, close to the Dutch border.
the market it self was not that interesting, lots of moped crap and not so much motorcycle stuff but the weather was perfect and lots of people showed up with nice bikes, classic cars and customs


Zoran Holtkamp said...

Great photos L., thanks!

Unknown said...

That ducati is beatiful.

Great blog! thanks for all the pictures. I check daily.

Greets from brazil.

Anonymous said...

Lennard, you know which bike I liked :-) That VW bike is amazing, what a creative mind. If you have anymore pictures of that thing, please post them.

Thank you Thank you, just made my day.


TS said...

Want my pics as well? I put 'm in the shared dropbox folder, can you still access that?

Grtz BeTon

streetracker said...

Great work!
Unusual graphic for that Fantic.
I love the blue NSU.

Bubble Visor said...


will post more of that crazy nice vw custom.
Thanks Beton, will check your pictures


Chris Saddler Sam said...

lenny boy... i'm gonna shoot u...u know that!

u crazy photographer!!!

stepppp bbback a couple of meters and take a larger view shot of that beast...man!
i hope u did it!!

i'm waiting for the pics!