11 Apr 2011

Joints Custom Bike Show 2011

pictures of the Joints Custom Bike Show 2011.
and again some mind blowing creations from Japan. custom capital of the world
found on the fantastic daikoube blog.


Paz said...

Nice hogs!!!

User.One said...

Wow, I love that 2T Yam, and the SRs.

Paolo said...

Who built that stunning green Zero fighter motorcycle? Can't believe this.

Bubble Visor said...

I have no idea..
looks like a Red Hot Motorcycle creation to me

Paolo said...

Can't read those business cards laying on the board... And the Misima '52 Rikuo? I'm speechless, japs can have such a strong visionary power. Thanks for posting it.

Bubble Visor said...

yes, to small, ha

in the back of that Misima bike you can see a kaikado flag.
might be theirs. they have made some amazing bikes...

..checked it
it's on the kaikado blog.. :)