28 Feb 2011

The London International Custom Bike Show 2011

bubble mail
received this nice mail from Hugo:

"Hi Lennard,

This weekend, the London International Custom Bike Show 2011 is taking place at the Alexandra Palace. It's not a big thing and there aren't many bikes, but there are some nice ones built by Shaw and Warrs Harley dealerships.

Because I'm part of the show, I'll try to take some pictures before opening hours tomorrow and send it to you by the end of the day. So you can have fresh news.


looks like a great show. thanks a lot Hugo!
he send me the pictures yesterday but I was working on my GR650 seat..
that Son of a Gun BSA is crazy nice..!
would like to see more pictures of that bike.
great paint job on the xlst 3 and the beemer is perfect.
check the engraved "King of the Hill" magneto on the knuckle head.

if one of you bubble heads goes to a local custom bike show please don't hesitate to send me your pictures so I can post them on bubble visor.


untitled motorcycles said...

Hey Hugo, Thanks for sending in photos our BMW scrambler UM 2. We had a really great show. What were you showing? Adam Untitled Motorcycles

iansolley said...

found your blog through my friends at Untitled - great work keep it up!

Skylar said...

Wow those first several bikes were killer.