16 Dec 2010

Saint Motor Bikes

just received this nice email from Jeff.

"Im Jeff from Saint Motor Bikes, I just finished up a BSA 500SS Cafe that I am proud of. It would be spectacular if you would put a few pictures up in Bubble Visor.

Even though you took Ms Bubble Visor away for header, I still look at every post you do. You & LeContainer, Shinya & a few others are my daily stops. I love your blog.

These particular pictures were taken by my son, very proud of him.

I have just closed my business (body shop) & am now only doing bikes, working from home. Poorest Ive been and the Happyiest Ive been.

Hope you like the pictures, thank you, Jeff"

Great pictures Jeff and nice bike!
Good luck with Saint Motorcycles

the BSA is for sale here presently

Saint Motorbikes

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magnumleigh said...

Beautiful pictures there, particluarly like that first one