5 Sept 2010


while looking for the Ace Motor Cycle website i found FortyTwo.
a nice blog from japan

Ace Motor Cycle doesn't seem to have a website but is one of the most interesting customisers of this moment in Japan so if someone has a link let me know.

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor


Cortez said...

I'm a big fan of their work too. I found their 42 blog, don't think they have a website. Duas Caras, another sweet MC shop in Japan has a blog and puts up a lot of pics the Ace shop: http://daikoube.blogspot.com/

Also, Ace has a Fotologue of some of their earlier bikes:


Bubble Visor said...

thanks Cortez!
will check that fotologue
daikoube is great!

Chris Saddler Sam said...


ask this blogger too!!!
it seems he has visited them in person!!