18 Sept 2010

Chad Hodge Bullitt Helmets

Received this email from Chad Hodge.

"I am a recent graduate of the industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati and for my thesis I designed a retro full face helmet. The idea came about when I went to purchase a new full face helmet and I couldnt find anything that wasnt styled to look like it belonged with a crotch rocket. I ride a 1978 Yamaha XS1100 and wanted something that would at least attempt to match that aesthetic. There are plenty of vintage half helmets out there, but after a buddy got his face saved by his full face, I dont wear anything but. Its currently just a show model, but I am interested in trying to get it prototyped."

the proportions of this design are great and the combination of the Bubble Visor with a full face helmet is super cool. the details on the helmet are amazing. the leather strap, the air-holes, the interior etc. are spectacular.

at the moment everyday around 1000 people visit this site.
for info: email address Chad Hodge

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor


nunyadambusiness said...

e-mail sent!
ed warrick
associate editor
iron horse magazine

fourstarmagazine.com said...

That's well cool, sleek design with brilliant details

robb hunter said...

Nice to see this making the rounds. That thing looks awesome! get it built!

mark kelley said...

I would wear that in a second somebody please make this!!!

AL-DIABLO said...


Infographicmedia said...

Cool boots! Special the boots with the cognac color and the pink stripes! Nice for the ride around Amsterdam next Friday : ) Salut Kay

Matt said...

Nicely done.

Ethan said...

I would rock that so hard. I think tons of people would buy them.

hoyt said...

Great design Chad. Best of luck.
The free internet at work!

Trent Reker said...

i'll link to this on my site and even (shudder) on facebook to hopefully help the kid out. clean design. really good job, man. i'll email my contacts at biltwell/chopcult, too.

right on.

081 said...

when is possible buy this helmet and see in the shop?

Bubble Visor said...

thanks dudes for your reactions!
I don't know when and if the helmet will be in stores, lets hope so.

Unknown said...

Hello I'm French
Your helmet is genial.
30 years ago i had the same motorcycle like you : Yamaha XS 1100. Very goog motocycle.
Good luck for you project !
Best regards.

LT said...

+1 buyer for this helmet

SpeedDevilKings@gmail.com said...

Did this ever go anywhere? If not, have you talked to the guys at Biltwell?


They may be interested in working with you.

Good Luck,

Chris Saddler Sam said...

bravo chad

UmmaGawd said...

I'd buy this helmet for sure

Garyaourt said...

Love love love it! Id buy this helmet straight away! Plz make it happen!!:))

Garyaourt said...

Love love love!!! I bwould buy it straight away!!!
Please make it happen!:)

Zarkko said...

Ill buy u one for sure, just let me know when they're ready!