26 Aug 2010


a nice way to get free advertising for your brand is to build something nice, take some sweet pictures and put your logo on it. icon is doin just that and it looks like they are creating a new custom every week..

to be honest I must admit that I'm not a big fan of their helmet designs but they do make some crazy nice customs.
they send me pictures of the kittin and a story

they started with this Honda crf230
Van bubble visor

and in the end it looked like this

Van bubble visor

the story

Back in 2008, when gas was close to four bucks a gallon, people got scared… people got real scared. Would this mean the end of bikes as we know them? Is it time to buy an electric? Should we move to Canada? Some of us went so far as to downsize our daily rider just to save a few pennies for Friday whiskey drinks at Slabtown. Others just downsized our wife’s rides so they could continue on in 1100cc bliss. Enter the Kitten. Purchased new by an Icon employee to replace his wife’s Suburban as the family grocery getter, it only took a long winter and a little time on E-bay before it faced the inevitable grinder. Chopped, ground, and sawed within scant inches of permanent regret - the CRF230 began to take it's final form. 18" hoops were laced in where appropriate. Exhaust tubes were rerouted and reconfigured for maximum glass packed virility. Gas tanks were sourced, mounted, sourced again, remounted, and sourced thricely. It was all a very involved and technically recumbent challenge. But Icon emerged victorious with a wholly underpowered but visually overwhelming result - ala 'The Kitten'. Mess with the Kitten and you'll get the horn."

here some more pictures from the kittin i picked from the icon blog
Van bubble visor

Van bubble visor

after the crash against a wall
Van bubble visor

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The Expansion Chamber said...

Looked better as a CRF in my opinion!