4 Apr 2010

bubble visor in New York

I'm going to New York the 15th till the 25th to paint a mural in 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.
but i have some extra time to make a second painting.
bubble visor readers from new york please make some noise.
do you have a wall i can paint or are you in need for a painting on your wall let me know.
need cash to eat.
they only pay my flight and paint.

would be nice to meet people with a bubble vision in new york so
if you know anyone from the NY bubblebikescene let me know. wish to make some pictures of the custom bike scene in the big apple.

for the people that don't know my work -> site
here are some walls i did before
Artist residence
Van .

Van .

Van .

Galerie Revolver
Van .

Milk Galery
New York
Van .

Levi's flag ship store
Van .

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia's
Van .

Playgrounds festival
me, Bobby Pola, Dumboh, Staynice, Zepton, LouLouAndTummie
Van .

Smalle haven
me and my brother Martin Schuurmans
Van .

Van .

City is Yours
the Hague
me, Dumboh and Staynice
Van .

Van .

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