15 Feb 2010


received this nice email last week

"Great Blog....really like the Japanese customs.....have just built this Jap style Suzuki Vanvan here in the UK and of course wear an open face lid with a bubble visor!

Best regards

thanks karl!

Van .

Van .

Van .

Van .

Van .


... said...

Hey Bubble visor wanted to share my cb400f with you, because I have seen pics of yours and I have to say, please don't change the look of yours ITS AWESOME!

anyway, Love the blog, love the bike pics, I could spend hours looking through them

here's a photo of my cb400f


I need to change the air cleaner, (there isn't one right now!) and it definitely needs a tune-up.

Thanks for running an awesome blog I appreciate the time it takes to do it and love the photos!


... said...

also my email is

pfunds at gmail.com

I couldn't find your address Otherwise I would have emailed you...

Bubble Visor said...

hi trusty,

thank you. i'm afraid i wil change the look of my cb400f. that's why i bought it in the first place.. :)
my mail is info@lennardschuurmansDOTcom