15 Mar 2015

My brother Martin Schuurmans and new big plans :)

This started two weeks ago. My brother Martin Schuurmans called. Martin is a industrial designer specialized in making chairs and over the years he's collected tools and machines that I can only dream of. He just finished his new workshop and now he wanted a new project to work on in his spare time. He always liked old cars, and when we where younger he was the one that was always wrenching on his mopeds in the shed.
He doesn't have enough space in his workshop to work on vintage cars right now but he also liked the idea of working on motorcycles. He knew I would like to do the same. I don't really have a good place to work on my bike, nor the tools or the the know how and skills to do it on my own so he figured why don't we join forces and let's see what we can make together.

As you can imagine I was super stoked about the idea and did not have to think twice about it. :)))

We decided to start working on my GR650 first as a test and if it would go well we would start looking for a new project bike. He picked up the GR650 from Amsterdam last week and send me this picture of the bike hanging in his workshop. :)

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