15 Mar 2015

Exhaust headers

Yesterday was the first time that I went to Eindhoven to start working on the GR650 with Martin.
We're gonna use the GR as a test case and the things we'll learn on the GR will help us to do make a killer XS650. Well that's the plan, haha

I always wanted to learn how to make my own exhaust. My plan with the GR is to turn it into a vintage flat tracker. I figured it needed a 2 into1 exhaust on the right side. So we started with the exhaust yesterday.

We decided to recycle the original headers and see how far we could get from there.
We worked until 2.30 last night and also worked on it today. Martin just bought a new welding machine so this was a nice opportunity to start getting to know the thing. We still have a to learn a lot but this is a nice start.
With a grinder we cut lines in the header so we could bend it tightly around the frame while trying to get a nice flowing line. I'm amazed of how well it went. Great start :)

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