9 Mar 2015

El Corra Motors - Stunner!

The first bike that I owned was a classic streetfightered Kawasaki GPZ1100. It was the best looking bike I ever owned, heavy, fast, and totally useless in the city. I sold the bike after a year and from that moment I knew I liked to ride lightweight nimble bikes that are fun to ride in the city and on twisty back roads. A Harley did never really fit in that category for me.
Classic Harleys look and sound fantastic, but I never thought I wanted to own a Harley myself.
But last week I realized in horror that something had changed. Suddenly it struck me... Maybe I do want to own a Harley..! WTF is happening? AAAAAhhhhh!
Is it just me? Or are some of having the same change of perception lately?
Probably the thousands of customs Harley's that I've posted here on Bubble Visor have had some influence on that ha!

This bike is a wet dream,
Found on El Corra Motors.
I love everything about this bike!


Adriaan said...

You're getting old Dude.. How's the 9-5 job?

Bubble Visor said...

Haha, you're right Aad!
It's different :)
Still have to get used to it

Corra said...

welcome into the dark side of the Force...!!!
Cheerz Lenny!!

Davidabl said...

Maybe the last set of Harley pictures from HotBike Japan is what pushed you over the edge..

Capion mc said...

Harleys out the factory are as heavy as a morning shit after dining on burritos and too much beer the night before (and often the same shade of black), but dump the junk and they are pretty nimble.