20 Oct 2014

Project VT500 Ascot - mirror, rear fender, ignition switch, LED rear light, handle bar

A week ago I bought a second hand mirror and rear fender at motorsloop Wegman Motoren in Aalsmeer. I had to cut of some pieces and drilled some holes to make the fender fit. The mirror was rusty so it needed some attention. Sandpaper did the trick.

A few weeks ago I lost my Ascot keys at Goodwood so I needed a new ignition lock. The stock ignition lock is a pain in the ass. You can't reach it when you're wearing gloves so I decided to relocate the new ignition switch to the left side. I made a small bracket from a piece of metal. Drilled 5 holes in it with my biggest drill and with a iron file I made the big hole that I needed to fit the ignition switch. Took me almost an hour to make that hole but I managed, ha!

The handle bar that I mounted some weeks ago was crooked so I needed an other one. My good friend Zoran sponsored me a nice gold anodized Rental thinwall handle bar. I did not like the gold so again I did the sandpaper workout. I think it almost took me 3 hours to get rid of the gold but now it's looking fresh!

The new rear light is a vintage Hella (bicycle?) light that I bought some years ago. Dimitri from Super Motor co. helped me to convert it to 3 LED lights. If I would have used the normal fitting I would have to dril a hole in the fender to make room for the fitting and it did not have a stop light function. Chris Dekker welded the little anus under the headlight, thanks Chris :)

Now I just need a license plate bracket to get it on the road again.


Spud's Customs said...

To help save your arms in future, oven cleaner and then a scouring pad will remove the anodizing from parts.

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks Spud, will do that next time