18 May 2013

shaped extra seat

Today I finally had the guts to reshape the extra seat I had lying around it with a grinder.
The before shot of the seat is from some years ago because I forgot to take that picture today, ha
I'm glad how it turned out.
I rounded the rear of the seat, took out the hump in the middle and in the front it's shorter and it's looks much lower now. I didn't take any of the top of the seat so it's still the same seat comfort wise.

Still need to change the rear frame, the battery box, headlight, rewire the wheels and powdercoat them, repaint the tank,  etc, etc..


jsfury said...

Do you plan to use a jell pad on your seat too? I've got an extra seat for my '76 CB750K, which is still pretty much stock. The original seat is starting to develop a tare in the seem, very common, and I want to preserve it. So I'm thinking of doing my extra seat similar to what you are doing here, but with a jell pad.

Bubble Visor said...

I'll just use the original foam.
It's okay the way it is right now