18 May 2013

Breeze Motorcycle

Some cool builds from Breeze Motorcycle
Check their annoying site here


Unknown said...

Can you PLEASE post your photos is these sizes rather than your HUGE standard size. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks so, but the large size makes it difficult to view on my screen. Just forget about it on my RSS feed which is how I follow your blog. I can only see the first 1/4 to 1/2 of the pictures.
I feel it also makes the blog look unkempt when there are pictures that large. Is it possible to have them resized and when one clicks on the photo it opens large?
The way it stand now, I often just skip over the post entirely which is a shame because there is a lot of good material here.

Bubble Visor said...

Hi Tyler Denn,

Your not the only one who would like that but I get a lot of email from people that like the big size pictures on my blog. And I like it too. :) I advise you to watch Bubble Visor on blogspot.com instead of in your rss feed. The layout, the links, the header, you all miss them if you watch it in rss feed.
And a lot of people are to lazy to click on the pictures so they would miss all the details in the pictures if I use smaller pictures and that would be a shame. So i'm sorry. Bubble Visor will have big pisctures


Mark Meisner said...

Keep the big pics!!!! I hate to click on it :)

Bubble Visor said...

Yeah me to :)
Thanks Mark