9 Jun 2016

Project Townsmoker - stitch lines

Here you see me, looking like a snake, drawing the stitch lines on the seat :)
Klaassen Originals is a local seat upholstery in Eindhoven. We showed him the seat yesterday morning and he's gonna try to finish it before Hellsrace! Fingers crossed!
Can't wait to see the final result!

After that Martin started working on the gas tank again. He spend all day working on the gas tank. He he found some new gas leaks, cleaned the tank, fixed the leaks, cleaned it up again. refilled it with gasoline. And then it started leaking at an other spot....! This happened 6 or seven times but finally around 18.00 hour it was not leaking anymore. Let's hope it stays like that now! Now we still have to primer it to check if we can find some more small leaks and then we're gonna use tank cure to finish it. 

While Martin was working on the tank I reassembled the bike. We wanted to check if it was still running properly. Since the crash last year at Dirtquake we never fired it up any more. 
Around 21.00 We put the bike outside. Checked everything but it did not make a sound...? 
Shit! We checked again and found the problem. Some loose wires.
Second try. 
Now the engine was turning but not enough power to start the engine. Damn, my battery charger was in Amsterdam. Shit, oh well, we will fire it up next time. We put the bike inside again. Started cleaning up the atelier. It was time to go home. Martin tried it one more time. Bahbohbahbaohbah!

It was running!!! 

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