9 Jun 2016

Project Townsmoker - Shaping the seat

I hate flat seats, the ones we see all around us on custom these days. A seat can make or brake a nice custom so I've been thinking about how to make my own seat look good for a looooooooong time, ha. So when I finally started with this thing I was kind of nervous to fuck it up. But I had done loads of research, made countless photoshop sketches over the years for this bike and I knew more or les how it should look in 3d. On Tuesday I wanted to finish the seat and bring it to a local seat upholstery in Eindhoven so it would be just in time for Hellsrace next weekend.

The first picture is when I thought it was finished the first time. But when I started drawing the stitch lines on the seat I quickly realized it was still to big. Old desert sled seats can be big and look rad at the same time but this thing was huge so I started slimming it down.

I worked for hours with the grinder on this seat in the blazing sun. sweat dripping from my head, wearing ear protectors, gloves, protection glasses that fogged up from the heat. It was a mess. The neighbours probably didn't like it very much ha!

To make it symmetrical and look good from all angles is hard. It's not perfect but I'm happy how it turned out.

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