15 Apr 2015

Project GR650 -tank swap

2 weeks ago Martin picked up some extra motor parts from my little shed in Amsterdam with his van so we would have some more stuff to play with in Eindhoven... :)

Friday and Saturday I went to Eindhoven to work on the GR650 with Martin. We started with a little foto session with an old Yamaha tank that I found some years ago.
It looks great on the GR but it's not wide enough so I'm thinking of cutting it up. Martin thinks it's going to be hard to weld the thin metal but I think we should give it a try. If we won't succeed I will send it to an expert to make it right :)

The rear mudguard is not centered properly on the subframe and it's starting to irritate me now so we're going to change that ourselves.
The last picture is a mockup of the 19" rim that we're going to fit. It looks like we don't have enough room for it so we might have to extend the swing arm.

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