25 Jul 2014

Dirt Quake 3 - part 14

Ben Part lost his forward control in the second chopper class heat if I remember it correctly. 
His rigid XS chopper frame now had a giant hole and he needed a new shifter so in the tropical heat he tried to fix his chopper with some spare parts from the Dutch Brothers team. On the other side of the Dutch Brothers van, Jan Willem was inspecting the damage on his 2 stroke Bultaco. This weekend was the first time that he tried his new Bultaco Astro. It was fast. Very fast! Jan Willem was flying over the track in the vintage class taking the lead. But the engine stopped dead in the middle of a corner. A overheated cylinder was the end of the race for the beautiful Bultaco   

1 comment:

JamesJ said...

What happened to that Astro? It was so bloody FAST!!