6 Nov 2013

Terry Dean -Dirtbag Chalange Kawasaki

Bubble Mail:

"Hey, thanks for all of the inspirational photos you've posted over the years. I'm working my way back through your blog from page one, I'm on page 750 and I'm still on posts from 2012! So much good stuff. thanks.
I don't have anything good to share in return, except maybe some pictures of an old Kawasaki me and my buddy Ryan put together you might like. We built it for the 2013 Dirtbag Challenge in San Francisco. Check it out if you have the time - terrydean.wordpress.com
Again, thank you!
Thanks Terry, good to hear your digging trough the Bubble Visor archive. :)
Cool bike you guys build. That's one sweet looking chopper, dope!

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