6 Nov 2013

Dirty Donkey update

Super Motor Co almost finished their new custom the Dirty Donkey. Last Sunday Dimitri invited me to look at his latest creation. In March I posted about the Dirty Donkey for the first time but as you can see a lot has changed since then.

I was there when the engine was fired up for the first time. :) We first tried to bump start the engine but something was wrong with the flat slide carb. We found the problem, decided to borrow the kickstarter from Salt Shaker and it came to live with a wild roar. It is loud I an tell you, very load. Check the small video here
It's a mix between a vintage scrambler and trial bike and it's powered by a 140cc engine. This is the second custom coming from Super Motor Company and it share's a lot of design cues from the Salt Shaker. You can see the Dirty Donkey on Eicma later this week.

"It wasn't all plain sailing when Lenny came to visit me. A plastic cap
inside the carb was mounted upside down. That's why it would not start and
pissed fuel everywhere. On the floor but also inside the exhaust. We've
had to tilt the bike 180 like a rampant horse, or should we say donkey!
And half a litre of fuel poured out.

But the most serious problem was a melted silent block that attaches the
exhaust to the frame. I've used silent blocks before but never a regular
one. The enormous heat generated by the exhaust melted the rubber like a
chewing gum substance. But mounting the exhaust directly to the frame with
a bolt and rubber bushing was no option either. It would peel the paint
off in seconds. On Monday morning I started calling around looking for a
ceramic coated m8 bolt and the lot to stop the heat entering the silent
block. But no success. I could not get one in time. I finally found an
insulated silent block today with a heat resistant gasket inside... thank

On Thursday morning I am off to Milan in the company Beemer touring with
the Donkey in the back. I've had no time to test anything so wish me luck.
The engine runs fine but does not get on full song. Really have to fiddle
with the carb and the jetting. Probably have to go a bit leaner.

let you know about the progress and get back to you with final specs once
the bike is finished and tested..."

Thanks Dimitri and good luck!

See the firts run here

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