11 Aug 2012

Belgium Ardennes 2012 part 2

The next day we headed to Ouren and from there we zigzagged roads in Belgium, Luxembourg and
Germany. One of the nicest routes I've riden so far. You can't see it in these shots,  didn't take the time to make good pictures but it's a very nice landscape. The roads around Roudebësch are like a racetrack
that never ends. Almost no traffic around and we where so lucky with the weather. We saw rain
in the hills around us but we didn't have any almost all day long. I was not in charge of the route so this might be not the exact route but more or less this was our 220km trip on Monday. 


Mark Meisner said...

Great photo's. For some reaseon, i love the picture of the house trought the trees. It's got some documentry-kinda feeling to it!

scotthn said...

triple black GSA…Gnar!