11 Aug 2012

Ardennes road trip 2012

Every year I go on short motorsickle holiday with Jelle Kroeze and his dad Jan Kroeze.
Usually we go to a Superbike race somewhere in Europe but this year we planned to go to the Ardennes in Belgium. The Kroezes already went to Belgium one week earlier so I did the trip
on my own. So last Saturday the trip started at 11.30 when I left Amsterdam to go to Arnhem.

My Gr650 needed a new chain set and the plan was to ask BC from Raw Candy to help me with
that and to help him out with his new project. A CB500 racer. When we took out my rear wheel
we found out a spacer was missing in my rear hub... Shit! Not a nice thing to find out when your planning to ride 1500km in 4 days.

We didn't have time enough to find a new spacer that day so we "fixed" it with a cb750 spacer. At night we watched BC's older brother Anne Maarten play double bass in Deventer at poetry festival Het Tuinfeest where I also saw Menno Wigman And Ramsey Nasr perform live. First time for me that I listend to live poetry. Thought I would hate it but I was wrong. They showed me poetry can be funny, inspiring and thought provoking. Never thought I would say that, ha. The day ended in Dieren.

The Next they I picked up my gear in Arnhem and from there I left to Maastricht, Vise, Trooz, Claudfontaine, Spa, Francorchamp and final destination Mont.

First pictures are in the Raw Candy Garage in Dieren.
In Francorchamps I saw a nice Renault Alpine A110.

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