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7 Feb 2013

Abandoned Snakerun Florapark Amsterdam Noord

Found this Snakerun in Amsterdam Noord some weeks ago, one day before it started to snow.
Today I went back with my 1989 Giant Siera. Had a lot of fun
I don't have any experiance with snakeruns what so ever so it did take some getting use to, ha
Very slippery and compact track. They build this snakerun in the seventees..!
Will go back more often.
You can find it here

6 Jul 2012

G├╝mbet, Turkey

I'm Back
We arrived this morning at Amsterdam Airport around 04.15 in the morning

Was in Turkey with my girlfriend for the last ten days
42 degrees Celsius, nice breeze, Gin Tonics and fake hand bags

The lovely lady in most of these pics is Miss Bubble Visor Manon
Have been trying lately to shoot in black and white