12 Feb 2017

Hells Race Flat Track 6-7 May

Last years Hell Race was an event I will never forget, and this year it will back! 
I'll be racing my GR650 in the Newbie Class again this year. :) The best part is my brother Martin will also ride in the Newbie Class with his XL500, my partner in crime Rusty Gold Zoran will ride his XS650, Boy from Pancake customs is building a XT600 for Hells Race, more and more people are going to ride year. Can't wait, this will be super dope! Who else is planning to race year at Hells Race? Let me know!

Some info about this year's event:

"The next HELLS RACE will be held at Speedwaybaan Lelystad in the Netherlands. This beautiful 280m short track is located in a green environment with a campsite right next to the track. Campsite doors open on Friday and there is a canteen with food, drinks and toilets, which makes it easy and affordable to come over AND RACE!
Spectators have great overview of the oval, as it is situated in a pit with a complete stand around the whole track, so there is no excuse to stay home.
They have a Newbie Class
where you can try the flat track fun on your old MX, Triumph, Scrambler, street tracker.. if we like your bike.. you’re in! No specs needed, just unplug your front brake and install a cut off switch (which stalls the bike if you fall) most important is that your bike is in full technical order! Or you will not pass scrutineering. Go fast, turn left for a chance.

They are hosting DTRA Hooligan Championship Round 1.
So get your sportsters ready and tweaked for Hooligan class.

Registrations started on February 1st so be fast if you wanne join! Go to 'Riders Info' page for more details."

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